Collaborate secure documents with anyone, anywhere

Meet LEAP Concert – an app which allows you to collaborate on documents securely with your colleagues whether they are in the same time zone or not. You can assign sections, set deadlines and track their progress without having to email documents back and forth. Goodbye email - think of the time you’ll save.

LEAP Concert saves you time by:

Allowing you to assign and review sections easily

Graphical templates are easily configured to represent the specific documents and document categories that map to your unique use case.

Real-time tracking of a section’s changes

Each document type can be assigned a specific workflow with user defined roles for: submitting, reviewing and approving documents.  Notifications alert users of tasks streamlining the entire process.

Track Tasks and Document Progress

Courier provides visibility and control to manage and monitor multiple simultaneous document exchanges with Customers, Partners or Employees.

Collaboration with control

LEAP Concert is an enterprise’s solution to secured collaborative editing. We know your pain – Ctrl-C + V-ing the latest updates from your email right before the deadline and you still happened to miss that one last update. Concert allows you to cut all that out by automatically assigning the section to someone. You can hold someone responsible for their section (with deadlines) and see real-time edits.

Not ready for the whole world to see the section?

Concert has built-in capabilities that allows you to review the content before they’re published. Rest-assure, you can always revert back to previous versions if mistakes happen.

Are they done yet?

You can easily track the completion of each section and document in Concert so you know who to chase after.


Concert releases you from doing mindless activities (Ctrl C+V) so you can focus more on the important things  like getting that contract signed. Sign up now for a free trial of Concert!

Structured collaboration for the Enterprise




LEAP Concert allows multiple contributors to collaborate on a single version of a document by easily dividing and assigning sections to individuals. A structured workflow allows sections to be approved and completed which contributes to a clear overview of the document status.

Documents are completely secure because users can only modify the content living in a section that has been assigned to them. Document owners can choose to allow users to browse the entire document or to prevent them from looking at specific sections. A document history keeps track of all changes made on a document allowing to compare “before and after” states of sections.

Stay on top of the entire process through real-time analytics that provide insight about the overall progress of a document. Advanced notifications signal users to contribute or review content with configurable due dates. A mobile companion application allows them to review sections outside of the document..

Early Access

If your company is interested in seeing an early version of Concert and would like to provide feedback for our product team, please sign up.


Thank you.